A professional unclaimed asset location company

A&G Capital Plus is a professional unclaimed asset location, and recovery, company with extensive professional experience in assisting individuals, heirs, and organizations in the complicated recovery process of their unclaimed assets.

Founders / Management

Arthur Kasimati- Founder and President, holds degrees in Economics and Computer Science, and has an extended work experience in Europe and United States. He has passed his knowledge, experience and passion to a team of wonderful employees who are now able to provide professional, efficient, and personal service to every client A&G serves.

Gerta Gumeni (Picari)– Chief Executive Officer joined the company in 2013. She holds a combined Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management, as well as Master of Science in Economics. With her remarkable experience in financial management Ms. Picari is responsible for the daily operations of the company; providing customer relations support and oversight of the company’s sales, research and claims processing departments.

A&G Capital Plus is dedicated to provide clients with the most satisfying recovery process possible through our core principles:


We uphold the highest standards of ethics in everything we do.


A&G Capital Plus is made up of excellent asset recovery specialists and administrative staff fully supported by the latest technology.


Thanks to our advanced information gathering technology, and our highly trained and experienced staff, the amount that we generate for our clients has grown rapidly each year of business. We have been successful in more than 90% of our cases.


Since A&G Capital Plus was established, our staff has acquired top of the notch experience in how to handle any kind of claim. It does not matter the size, or amount, of your unclaimed asset because we have the resources and ability to manage and successfully complete any kind of claim. This experience has led A&G Capital Plus to obtain a very respectful reputation with all of our clients.