Government regulated unclaimed property and licensed private investigation company.

A&G Capital Plus is a professional unclaimed asset location, and recovery, company with extensive professional experience in assisting individuals, heirs, and organizations in the complicated recovery process of their unclaimed assets



A&G Capital Plus is a licensed and regulated state agency that is dedicated to providing professional, discreet, and effective services to corporations and estate beneficiaries that are entitled to lost or unclaimed property.

Our mission is to fulfill the unclaimed property needs of our corporate clients as well as our individual customers, while exceeding their expectations for service, quality and values. Our client’s loyalty and trust are our most important assets.

We are hired by corporations and beneficiaries that have unclaimed assets to recover the lost property on their behalf. Our duties involve obtaining all proper documents that are required by the holder to submit a successful claim, managing the status of the claim from beginning to end, and doing whatever necessary to make sure the claim is approved and paid out as quickly as possible.


Most of our clients are not aware of what “unclaimed property” really is. Lost or Unclaimed assets are those assets that are not in the hands of the rightful owners. These funds may become unclaimed or “lost” due to several different reasons. The most common causes are relocation of the owner, mislabeled contact information, name changes, the death of the original owner, or simply just forgetting about your asset.

Why Us?

Not only will we find your lost assets for you, but once we do, A&G Capital Plus will use the time, expertise knowledge, and our unique resources to successfully claim the asset on your behalf.

With extensive knowledge of unclaimed property compliance laws, our clients enjoy the convenience and speed of a professional asset recovery service while having NO financial risks whatsoever.

You don’t even owe any out of pocket recovery related expenses (including all legal expenses).

We cover the expenses and get reimbursed when we recover your money.

No Fee

Services include documenting ownership, resolving holder reporting errors and omissions,and estate administration. Fees include all costs to prove entitlement, legal fees and related expenses.
Payment is contingent upon you receiving your unclaimed property. A&G Capital Plus guarantees that you pay nothing if your unclaimed property is not returned to you.
Our services are provided on a “success or no cost basis” and there are no upfront fees.
You will never have to pay anything “out of your pocket”. We will take care of anything.

90% Approval

Here’s what clients have said about working with A&G Capital Plus:
Dear Artur, I want to thank you for helping me recover funds for my son. From start to finish-I got the money in hand in less than a month. There is no way I could have recovered this so quickly without your help. Your customer service is terrific and your contacts and internal procedures are clearly on the money.
Thanks again,
Mary I.

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When you called to tell me that I was a missing heir with an inheritance stemming from my uncle’s estate didn’t believe it. It sounded too good to be true and my first reaction was that this was a scam. Sure enough though, you were telling the truth. After filling out about 5 minutes worth of paperwork I received my check from the holder as your company promised within the 60 day time period. The check helped me a lot with Christmas shopping in the recession we are currently in.
Frank D.

It was a great experience. I am very pleased with your service and professionalism. I especially liked talking to a “person” and not a machine. I look forward to your company being there for me.
Thank you.

A&G Capital Plus contacted us regarding money from an inheritance we were not aware of. In order to get the funds released they had to get certified copies of court records and death certificates from one state to probate property in another state. That was a lot of work for A&G. For us, it only required a few signatures. They advanced all of the upfront costs for documents retrieval and the attorney who handled the probate. A&G Capital Plus took care of everything. It was very convenient and risk free. We received a check for $12,567.34.

Thanks A&G Capital Plus.

10 Minutes

THAT’S ALL IT TAKES… Now that we have worked hard to locate you, simply fill in the information requested. Read the Limited Power of Attorney carefully, sign it, and mail to us.
We also have the burden proving your identity and ownership of your asset to the holder, so we will need a copy of your government issued photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, etc…)
or if you don’t feel comfortable sending us a copy of your ID, simply fill out the Notarized Sworn Statement.

Please refer to the “Forms to Download” section.



Years Experience

$36 Million
Recovered more than $36 million